Congratulations to George Royeca of Angkas

Congratulations from all of us at Creador to George Royeca, CEO of the Philippines’ leading motorcycle ride-hailing company Angkas on being named “Emerging Entrepreneur of 2022” by United Kingdom-based Ernst & Young (EY) and the SGV Foundation.

Royeca was given the accolade during the recent Entrepreneur of the Year (EOTY) awards at the Grand Hyatt Manila.

In his acceptance speech, Royeca said, “I stand here on a collective struggle of thousands, millions, of motorcycle owners that make a living for their families every day. If you invest in the Filipino people, they will become productive citizens of the country.”

He also thanked Ernst & Young for recognising thousands of hardworking motorcycle riders and their daily struggles in the pursuit of a better life.

In 2021, Creador made a strategic investment in Angkas, the Philippines’ largest motorcycle ride-hailing company. The move marked our first foray into Southeast Asia’s fast-growing ride-hailing market; ride-hailing and food delivery are two of the fastest-growing categories across Southeast Asia.

More importantly, the investment also offered Creador the opportunity to empower communities and change lives.

Companies like Angkas don’t just create jobs for motorcyclists and offer flexible work arrangements; they have the knock-on effect of creating positive outcomes for all consumers. Whether it’s accessing affordable transport, extending logistics by offering on-demand delivery services, or facilitating e-commerce, ride-hailing and tech-driven mobility services are changing the marketplace as we know it, and supercharging the economy with digital ecosystems and superapps.

Creador is proud to partner with Royeca in his quest to make affordable transportation accessible to more people, whilst at the same time creating job opportunities for the people of the Philippines.

Companies like Angkas are fuelling growth in Southeast Asia, and we are proud to be in partnership with one of the industry’s leading lights.