Creador CxG (Creador Multiplies Good and Growth) visits Accumax – Neuation

Creador CxG (Creador Multiplies Good & Growth) recently caught up with the team from Accumax - Neuation India on its ESG initiatives. Accumax, a Creador portfolio company since June 2022, is an Ahmedabad-based, export-focused manufacturer of laboratory consumables and benchtop equipment.

On their maiden trip to the company’s facilities in Gandhinagar (Ahmedabad), Creador Head of ESG Sachin Goel, CxG advisor Steven Okun and CxG team member Lakhan Phulwani conducted a training programme for the manufacturer’s management team, which included the fundamentals of ESG, ESG trends in India and the world, as well as Creador’s ESG Policy and expectations from portfolio companies.

Together, the teams also discussed Accumax’s sustainability journey, the company’s material ESG factors and potential initiatives. They subsequently mapped the way forward, captured in a structured ESG Action Plan, which establishes clear and good practices for the company.

The team also visited the site of the operations and reviewed the prevailing ESG practices to identify areas for improvement.

Going forward, CxG will work together with the Accumax team to support the implementation of the ESG Action Plan as well as gaps identified during the site visit.