Philippine ride-hailing company Angkas becames major partner to the Sinulog Festival 2023 in Cebu

It’s always wonderful to see how our portfolio companies celebrate the culture and traditions of their local communities.

This was very much the case this past weekend when Philippine ride-hailing company Angkas became a major partner to the Sinulog Festival 2023 in Cebu.

One of the oldest festivals that showcase Philippine culture and creativity, the Sinulog Festival celebrates the arrival of the Santo Niño de Cebu statue into the hands of Rajah Humabon and his consort Queen Juana. Upon receiving the statue, legend has it that Queen Juana burst into a gleeful dance. With her people following suit, the first Sinulog dance took place.

As the official transportation partner to the event, Angkas provided free rides to festival goers on January 15th, making for a safe and hassle-free trip experience for the community.

The ride-hailing company was also co-presenter for the Sinulog Music Festival, held in tandem, as well as the Miss Angkas pageant.

Speaking to the Daily Tribune about the event, Angkas CEO George Royeca had said, “Angkas has been a true testament of the Filipinos’ ingenuity and resilience. We recognize that challenges are part of everyday life and thus, we are committed to finding effective solutions when the need arises. You can always count on Angkas to provide you with easy, accessible, and reliable mode of transportation, today, during the Sinulog Festival and in the days ahead.”

Angkas is committed to adding value to the lives of the Filipino people by providing safe, convenient transportation services and uplifting the lives of millions. Its involvement in the Sinulog festivities also allows it to enrich people’s lives by celebrating their important cultural traditions.