Key Highlights

3x stores

in 18 months

Follow-on investment

from Asian Development Bank


Hard discount retailing is a well proven retail concept globally across many geographies (Europe, Latin America, and Turkey) that focuses on a curated mix of SKUs, a strict “no-frills” approach to manage costs, and high proportion of private label products to deliver value to customers.

Market Opportunity

The Philippines provided strong potential given population growth trends as well as having high proportion of spending on food relative to income levels. Creador first invested in DALI in September 2022, marking our largest single investment in the Philippines at the time, backing a management team with deep track records of executing on Hard Discount implementations globally.

Strategy and Execution

  • Since investment, Creador has helped the company in its efforts to build its private label offering through supplier introductions from our regional network as well as helping to bring in co-investment from the Asian Development Bank to fuel the company’s growth plans. DALI has since become the fastest-growing discounter in Southeast Asia and the fastest growing retailer in the Philippines capitalizing on the market opportunity and working towards its goal of containing food inflation, creating well-paid jobs in the community, and delivering high returns on invested capital for investors.

More Success Stories

Largest home-improvement retailer in Southeast Asia

Sector Country Year Invested
Consumer Malaysia 2016

Mr. DIY is the largest home improvement retailer in Malaysia. The company retails a variety of household, hardware, and electrical products.

Largest pharmacy chain in Malaysia

Sector Country Year Invested
Healthcare Malaysia 2015

Big Pharmacy continues its lead as the largest pharmacy chain in Malaysia after merging with Caring Pharmacy.

Leading credit bureau in ASEAN

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Business Services Malaysia 2014

CTOS Digital Berhad offers a broad suite of innovative digital products, credit risk management solutions, and services across Southeast Asia.

India's franchise partner for Yum Brands

Sector Country Year Invested
Consumer India 2021

Sapphire is a franchise partner for Yum Brands, managing KFC and Pizza Hut outlets in India, and holds exclusive rights for approximately 50% of the country.

Leading player in the Indian tiles sector

Sector Country Year Invested
Industrials India 2014

Established in 1968, Somany was the 3rd largest tiles manufacturer in India at the time of Creador’s investment and had an over 50-year track record in the ceramic and vitrified tiles industry in India.

Fast-growing home-improvement retailer in Indonesia

Sector Country Year Invested
Consumer Indonesia 2017

Through their partnership with Mr. DIY founders, Creador spearheaded the brand's expansion into the Indonesian market. Today, it is one of the largest home improvement retailer in Indonesia with over 10 different product categories.